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We understand that choosing a path for a child’s education is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. This is why we would like to invite you to experience our school during one of our Admissions Open Houses scheduled throughout the school year.

To meet the needs of families, we are offering a flexible schedule of both English and Japanese in-person and virtual Admissions Open House dates. 

To register, please fill out the form and select the option best for your family. 

2023-24 Open House Dates

On-site Open Houses* (10:00am - 12:00pm)

September 5 | October 3 | November 14  | January 23  | February 27 | April 10 | May 29 

*We respectfully request that children do not attend at this time.


Online Open Houses

September 9 10:00am | November 23 10:00am (Japanese) | January 8 9:00am (English) | February 23 10:00am (Japanese) | June 8  10:00 (Japanese)

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Nine Things to Consider

Questions to Ask During Your School Tour


Quality of the Teaching Staff

For any school to be a success, students, parents, and staff need to fully embrace the school mission. To ensure this, NIS teachers are recruited from a global pool of candidates selected for their proven track record in education as well as for their qualifications and experience. NIS teachers represent nine different nationalities, including veteran educators as well as those nearer to the start of their careers.

Campus and Facilities

When choosing the right international school, considering the facilities is essential. A campus should make you feel as though you’re walking through a park with greenery, open areas, fresh air, and flexible learning environments. 

At NIS, our campus includes architecturally distinctive buildings providing safe and comfortable spaces for all students. Classrooms have an open feel, are flexible, and utilize technology via a robust school-wide wifi network that students can access. A recently built state-of-the-art building devoted to secondary math, science, and the arts, makes our campus even more exceptional. 

Well Established History

Another important factor to consider when choosing an international school is the school's history. The longer a school has been in existence, the more connected students and staff are to the local community, the wider the alumni network, and the more recognizable they are on a university or college application.

NIS has a rich, 57-year history. Our curriculum and facilities have grown with our changing world, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our students. What has remained constant is the purpose in which we were formed - to meet the needs of the community we serve.

Internationally-Recognized Curriculum

Our curricular program represents our contract with parents; and we are passionate about our mission and what we do. NIS has chosen to frame our curriculum through the three programs of the International Baccalaureate (IB). These three programs (the PYP, the MYP and the DP) represent the world standard for international education. 

Ultimately it is our goal that students at NIS learn to question their world and to have an opportunity to connect to others – and to empower them to be able to envision the impact they can have on not only their own futures but also on the communities they will serve.  

Strong Japanese and EAL Programs

When it comes to choosing the right international school in Japan, it’s important to ensure that the school is able to strongly support language development. While English is the primary language of instruction at NIS, our community embraces the many varied linguistic backgrounds of all our students. We believe language acquisition aids in the development of intercultural awareness and open-mindedness. 

At the same time, our community feels strongly about the importance of learning Japanese, and Japanese language study is required for all students from ELC K through Grade 12. 

Worldwide University Acceptances

These opportunities stem from our curriculum, our world-class teachers, our excellent facilities, and our campus environment that fosters a lifelong love of learning in our students. Ultimately the end-goal of our program is to ensure a smooth transition to another international school, a school “back home,” entrance to an appropriate college, university, or a pathway that students choose to embark upon.  

Not only do students graduating from NIS receive a NIS diploma, they may also earn an IB diploma. Through their education here at NIS, our graduates gain admission to some of the best colleges and universities worldwide. 

A Close-knit Community

Choosing the right international school includes looking into the type of community found both on and off campus.  Here at NIS, our community consists of educators, families, friends, and businesses working together in partnership. We know that by including everyone, students are better able to learn and grow in an environment with each member supporting our mission.

To get involved, we encourage parents to join Parent Partner-related activities; the more parents who join, the more diverse the perspectives, the better the experience for the students. By involving our greater community, our students develop a better understanding of themselves and their world - a true international experience.

Scholarship Opportunities

At NIS, we offer a fully accredited, three-program IB international education, and it’s no secret that this type of schooling is an expensive endeavor. As a non-profit organization, we depend almost solely on tuition revenue for recruiting the highest quality teachers and maintaining our world-class facilities. 

To help ensure that we can continue to be an inclusive school community, and make our international education accessible for as diverse a range of families as possible, we have options available to make your children’s future at NIS a reality.  


Most likely, one of the main reasons you’re looking into an international education in Japan is the multicultural learning environment - especially if your children are multicultural. The transformative power of a curriculum that encourages open-mindedness, intercultural understanding, interdependence, diversity and citizenship requires commitment from every facet of the school community.

Here at NIS, we help all our students find, maintain, and embrace their multicultural identities, even as they themselves shift from languages, cultures and national belonging.

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