What is a Transition Partner Match-up?


Transition Partners are parents who volunteer to support families who are considering a move to NIS. Once a request is received by the Admissions & Development Office, a volunteer Transition Parent from a family with a similar background or circumstances (home language, age of children, nationality,  employer, etc.) will be assigned to make initial contact and offer support.

The aim is to help families considering NIS make good decisions for their children and, should they decide to apply to NIS, settle quickly into our community.

If you wish to be "matched-up" with one of our Transition Partners, please fill out the form!


Once we receive your request for a Match-up:

  • You will be matched with a current parent (your Transitions Partner).
  • Your Transitions Partner will contact you directly.
  • Your Transitions Partner will help by answering any of your questions!

Sample questions you may ask your Transitions Partner:

  • Why did you choose NIS?
  • What are you happy with (or not happy with) as a family at NIS?
  • How do you support your child's mother language?
  • What are clubs and after school activities like at NIS?
  • And more!


Meet our Transitions Partner at our On-Campus Open Houses!

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NIS Transitions Partner Match-up Form